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Spectrum Management in the Civil Sector (Capsulated Version)

Course Description
This course is typically provided annually by the Federal Communications Commission and Comsearch for USTTI as a two week all-inclusive treatment of this subject area. This year?s course will be a one week abridged version of the lengthier wide array of coverage. The course will provide information and material for the national civilian telecommunications spectrum manager that will assist the making of logical spectrum related decisions that are well grounded in basic technical procedures. This training will initially explain the dichotomy that exists in the United States with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) responsible for civilian sector spectrum management and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) responsible for federal government sector spectrum management.

Participants will receive three days of classroom instruction from FCC staff in Washington,
DC, and one day of training provided by Comsearch, the course co-sponsor, in communications engineering. Comsearch has been the pre-eminent global provider of spectrum management and wireless engineering products and services for over thirty-five years. Included also will be a one day visit to the FCC Laboratory in Columbia, MD, where equipment radiation measurement and authorization work is accomplished. Current issues confronting common carrier, mass media, and private radio terrestrial and satellite-based telecommunications services will be discussed. Regulatory policy options will be studied, the national process for creating telecommunications rules and regulations will be explained, and the spectrum allocation and assignment process will be briefly examined. In addition, market based spectrum philosophies, such as lotteries and auctions, will be discussed. The application of new and modern technologies (personal communications, cellular, paging, both low-Earth and geostationary mobile-satellite service, advanced and high definition television, digital audio radio, multiple access, satellite coordination, switching, ultra-wide band, etc.) will be included in course presentations. Operation of a national, geographically-dispersed telecommunications regulatory agency, provision of public service, standard-setting, and enforcement techniques will also be described.

Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to: (1) understand the appropriate principles of national civilian radio spectrum management systems; (2) understand the equipment authorization process; (3) learn how to deal with the general public for information dissemination and radio interference complaint purposes; and (4) initiate or review civilian statutory and regulatory policies for new or expanded radio services, and be aware of the latest technology in telecommunications arenas.

Managerial and technical with technical emphasis


Course Vitals

Federal Communications Commission and Comsearch

Washington, DC

Orientation Date(s)
TBA upon Acceptance

Training Dates
April 18 - 22, 2016

Suggested Course Sequence
Spectrum Management




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